I am very excited to start announcing projects for the up and coming season. 

To start it all, we'll have an adapted reprise of Elise Schmit's So dunkel hier. This time in the forest in Esch/Alzette. 

Then, keep your ears and eyes open for a mad, immersive, project by Volleksbühn that I've been putting together with my collaborators Max Jacoby and Jacques Schiltz. Wear your walking boots. 

And then, for something completely different. I'll be in charge of creating this year's end of year children's show at Grand Theatre. Elise Schmit has adapted lesser known Grimm's tale called Brüderchen und Schwesterchen. Or in our version All d'Déieren aus dem Bësch. 


So dunkel hier

Esch Alzette (Ellergronn)


De Bësch



more information soon

all d'Déieren aus dem Bësch

@Théâtres de la Ville


more information soon