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Opera GO

Opera GO is an operatic scavenger-hunt which takes the audience on a journey through Luxembourg City to playfully discover the diversity of opera through Augmented Reality. 


This quirky, playful, walkabout experience mixing live performance and Augmented Reality starts off as a joyful celebration of creativity with live music loosely based on Ambroise Thomas’ Le songe d’une nuit d’été and Mozart’s Zauberflöte at De Gudde Wëllen. It then sends the audience off on a journey to discover, catch and interact with operas through AR in the old town of the capital. 


Testruns are in September, please be in touch if you want to participate and give us much valued feedback. 

shows in March and April 2024


A Volleksbühn Production

Concept & Direction - Anne Simon

Musical Direction  - Anthime Miller

With - Jean Bermes, Nataša Grujović, Marie-Christiane Nishimwe

AR - Kreativstuff

Visual Designs: Dirk Kesseler, Anne Simon

In collaboration with - Lucilin, De Gudde Wëllen, CNA, Ecole de Musique Régionale Dudelange

With the support of Filmfund Luxembourg, Oeuvre de Secours Grande Duchesse Charlotte, Ville de Luxembourg, Fondation Indépendance, Ministère de la Culture

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